Blockchain Application and Regulatory Framework in the Securities Industry

This short course is intended as an introductory guide on applications and regulatory developments for global securities exchanges. The content takes reference to research by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). While the focus is on securities exchanges , the frameworks provides insights into the perspective of established institutions looking to adapt new innovations into their existing business models. Furthermore, securities exchanges are highly focused and dedicate a great amount of resources on regulatory compliance and forms an appropriate case study for other industry applications.


Level 1


1 hours

What will you learn from this course:

Applications and Regulatory Developments for Global Securities Exchanges based on HKEX research


Wing Lee

Wing Lee

Wing is one of the founders of Hashcademy and is fully dedicated to blockchain education in particular on its business and commercial applications as well as in cryptocurrency investment. Wing has over ten years of corporate finance and banking experience.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction

Lesson 2: A Primer on Blockchain

Lesson 3: Blockchain Application in the Securities Industry

Lesson 4: Regulatory Framework and Tools

Lesson 5: Course Assessment and Next Steps

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